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Baby Born in FREEZING Premier Inn Car Park

by Kloe Forster

Thankfully there was some room at the inn for this little one!

A baby was delivered in the car park of a Premier Inn in Grimsby last week.

The unexpected guest arrived after they were turned away from Grimsby hospital during Britain’s last cold snap.

First-time parents Harriet Hanson and Adam Smith from Skegness were making their way to Grimsby hospital after Harriet’s contractions started on February 7th. On arrival, hospital staff advised Harriet that she was still early, and it was best to return once her labour had progressed further.

With the snow starting to settle, the couple weren’t keen on driving all the way back home, so they called the local Premier Inn hotel in Grimsby.

Premier Inn Grimsby Night Team Member Mike answered the couple’s call and, realising that their reason for booking was definitely within the current government guidelines, invited them to drive over.

On arrival, Mike warmly welcomed them and quickly showed the expectant parents to their room – just as Harriet’s waters broke.

Premier Inn Team Member Mike was on hand to help the couple and immediately called an ambulance. But, given the weather conditions and that Harriet’s labour had started, the emergency responder advised that they might need to prepare to deliver the baby themselves in Room 3.

Fortunately, paramedics arrived soon after. Harriet was led outside to the waiting ambulance in the car park and, just as dad-to-be Adam ran inside to get their bags, he was quickly called back by Mike as the baby was about to be born!

Baby Charlie William Lee Smith was born at 00:29 on Monday morning, weighing a healthy 8lb 3.5oz. The family were taken to Grimsby Hospital after the unexpected delivery, before returning home the next day.

The hotel have confirmed that baby Charlie is their youngest ever guest.

Premier Inn Night Team Member, Mike commented: “We welcome guests from all walks of life, but baby Charlie is definitely the most unexpected. When the couple arrived, I could see the mum was in a lot of pain, so I wanted to make everything as easy as possible for them. It is a real privilege to know I helped in some small way with the safe arrival. At Premier Inn, we always like to do everything we can to make sure our guests have a great stay, and this is definitely an experience none of us will ever forget.”

Harriet Hanson and partner Adam Smith said:
 “We are so grateful for the care and kindness shown by the team at Premier Inn, especially by Mike, during our time of need. The three decisions we made that night; follow our instincts and not return home to Skegness, find somewhere local to stay, and finally choosing the Premier Inn were, we believe, critical in ensuring the safe arrival of baby Charlie. To say you were born in the carpark of a hotel is certainly a story you will never forgot – we have even affectionately nicknamed him Carpark Charlie!”

Congratulations on your new arrival! Love Team Bump Baby and You xxx


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