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Studycat Languages App Review

Review: Studycat The Language Learning App – Fun French

by Laura Middleton

Over the course of the last year, I’ve been on he hunt for fun educational apps to keep my youngest interested in learning. So you can imagine our delight when we were asked to review Studycat* – the app designed to make learning languages fun for young children!

You can choose from 5 different languages; English, French, Spanish, Chinese and German. As regular visitors to France during the holiday season, we opted to give the Fun French a go. The idea behind the app is that it is all based on fun and play – after all kids learn better when they are having fun!

How It Works

My first impression was that the interface was really user friendly. Lovely bright colours and big buttons. There are lots of different games within the app, separated into categories. Once a game is completed you move on to the next one. My 7 year old daughter really loved this feature. She’s super competitive and loves to feel like she has completed something.

The games are easy to understand and throughout words are spoken back to you in French. For example, one of the rounds is a game of pairs with colours. The little one simply has to turn the cards over to find the pairs. Each time a card is turned over the colour is read out to you in French. The concept is so simple but extremely effective. I even found myself learning at the same time.

Have a little watch of Maisie playing on the app below and see just how easy it is to use…

Maisie’s Verdict

I really like the different games you can play and that you move onto new levels. One of the games is just like Candy Crush only better because you learn French at the same time. I am going to play it each day so that when we go on holiday I can speak to people in French. It won’t take that long for me to learn French because it’s really fun!

The app is designed for children aged 3-8 however I have no doubt that my young 2 year old nephew and 9 year old niece would also enjoy playing along. Perfect for playing in the car or during quiet times on holiday too!

How much does it cost?

So the great news is that Studycat* are so confident that you will love their language apps that they offer you a FREE 30 day trial!* Which is more than enough time for you to decide whether or not the app is right for you and your little one. It took us a whole 30 minutes to realise that it was something Maisie wanted to keep on her tablet permanently.

Once you’ve decided it’s right you can choose from an annual or monthly subscription. The annual subscription offers greatest value for money at £53.96 per year saving a whopping £107.92 on the monthly fee of £13.49 per month.

PLUS  if you use our exclusive code bumpbaby10 at the checkout you will get 10% off that price!


The Studycat Club

By subscribing to the app you also gain access to the Studycat Club which is such an amazing language resource for parents and teachers! In the Club you have access to how to videos, webinars, forums, songs and 100s of worksheets which can be downloaded and used to support your little ones learnings. The worksheets are a familiar format, easy to complete and of course nice and fun.


As a parent I would most definitely recommend Studycat. It was surprisingly easy to use and engaging. It required no involvement from me which is always a good thing, leaving me to be able to get on with other jobs. Having different games and levels to unlock was enough to keep Maisie, an older child interested and the bright and colourful buttons and sounds are super exciting for younger ones. It’s never felt more important as a parent to be armed with as many educational tools as possible and Studycat doesn’t disappoint – so much so we now have it installed on Maisie’s tablet and my iPhone. It’s amazing how much a little one can learn from just 20 minutes a day – wish I had had access to something like this when I was young!


You can see examples of other games in the french app in the video below…

The Studycat Story

Studycat was founded in 2000 by a language teacher, an artist and a game designer. What started in a bedroom with a pen, a sketchpad, a scanner and a computer is now a global edtech leader, with 12 million app store downloads, 70 million YouTube views and customers in homes and schools across 125 countries.

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