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This Portable Dummy Steriliser is a Game Changer!!

by Kloe Forster

This Portable Dummy Steriliser from Nuby is a Game Changer!!

This mini portable UV steriliser has actually won an award for innovation of the year…

It zaps bacteria away without water, microwaves or chemicals, sterilising your dummies in only 1 minute! A game changing must-have solution you can pop in your bag or fasten to your pushchair.

I wish I had had this when my son was first born – it would have saved so many dummy disasters when we were out and about and I would definitely have had some peace of mind.

Get the UV Dummy Steriliser HERE*

It’s so easy to use too:

Simply pop a dummy into the compact unit, press ‘STERILISE’ to start a 1 minute UV cycle and you’re good to go straight away – no need to wait for it to cool off as there’s no heat used in the first place! The sterilisation button will light up and blink when the cycle is inprogress.  It’ll be a solid light when the cycle completes.

UV sterilisation is really easy to understand too.  Ultraviolet light is electromagnetic radiation that kills microorganisms (the medical industry uses ultraviolet light to sterilise rooms, equipment and medical instruments).  With this little device you can zap and kill 99.9% of bacteria FAST*.  Neat or what?

So no water, no microwave, no chemicals, no cooling time, no drying just 1 minute FLAT and you’re ready to go.  Road tested, pavement tested and sticky toddler group tested.

Get the UV Dummy Steriliser HERE*

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