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Praise for Amy Schumer as She Shows Her C-Section Scar Some Love

by Kloe Forster

We are so proud of Amy Schumer who shared a selfie this weekend on instagram bravely showing off her beautiful C-Section scar to the world.

Amy shared the naked selfie in an instagram post captioned: “Feeling like my c section looks cute today!”

We couldn’t agree more with you Amy – well done for normalising C-Section scars. Commenters were quick to offer their praise on Amy’s post:

CAFowler said: I used to care for new moms and it’s a beautiful battle scar. ❤️

Donna Rast said: That’s awesome! I love to casually bring up my c section to my children – just in case they forget!

and MimiJMeyer said: Beautiful body!💕🌱 I need to love my c-section more. 🙏♥️

Throughout her battles over the past couple of years with IVF, Hyperemis Gravadium and motherhood Amy has remained extremely open and honest.

Amy has a one year old son named Gene. She decided to rename Gene after realising his name sounded very similar to “Genital Fissure” – “It was Gene Attell Fischer, but we realised that we, by accident, named our son ‘Genital’.”

She starred in her own comedy special Expecting Amy documenting her preparation for a stand-up performance during her pregnancy. The special premiered on HBO Max in July 2020 and featured appearances from her husband Chris Fischer.

Schumer recently spoke out in a pod cast with Anna Faris, that whilst she has undergone IVF cycles to have her second baby that she will not be able to go through another pregnancy again due to her experience with Hyperemis Gravadium. She said: “One in three mothers with hyperemesis, what I had, one in three babies don’t make it. So I really don’t like those odds. Just because you’re vomiting so much you can’t nourish your baby or yourself, so my pregnancy was a huge bummer.”

Image credits: Amy Schumer/Instagram


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