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Christmas Toy Shortage Warning

by Katie Hodgkins

Parents are being warned that they need to start their Christmas shopping pronto due to a toy supply chain issue.

Toy retailers across the UK have been sharing stark warnings that there is a real possibility of limited toy supplies as we approach Christmas – much to the horror of parents, such as Holly Willoughby who admitted that she was ‘breaking out in a cold sweat’ at the prospect!



Why is there a supply chain problem for toys?

Speaking on This Morning to mark the 100 day countdown to Christmas, Geoff Sheffield, chief commercial officer to toy retailer The Entertainer, Geoff urged parents to act quickly to avoid upset on Christmas morning. He shared that the supply chain issues are down to a number of factors coming to a head; namely a shipping container shortage, and a shortage of HGV drivers. At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, demand for shipping containers shot up due to the intensely high demand for PPE and medical equipment globally.

Geoff also stated; “Combine that with lockdowns in ports because of Covid outbreaks, lockdowns in factories because of Covid, the demand not subsiding since lockdown. Consumer demand continues to be high within the toy industry and as a result, demand on those spaces on ships has not subsided.”

What could we do if we struggle to get hold of toys for Christmas?

Never fear, Christmas is NOT all lost at all! You may struggle to get your hands on coveted in-fashion toys that your children are asking Santa Claus for, which is a shame and we can all agree that we don’t want our children to be disappointed at Christmas. However, it may be a case of making sacrifices, or bidding on price gouged toys on Ebay to get your little one’s Christmas list fulfilled!

Our personal tips here would be…
  • Don’t be embarrassed by going into charity shops, car boot sales and Facebook marketplace. Second hand sales can bring you some wicked deals, and you may be surprised by how much your children LOVE what you find them – at bargain price!
  •  If there is anything you know that your child will be asking Santa for already, get it NOW. Set up stock alerts, shop around, but be quick.
  • Have a ‘Plan B’ in place. Older children may have more of an understanding of supply chain issues and be able to pick an alternative, for ‘just in case’.

These may seem pretty common sense, but it’s fair to say that a lot of parents have no idea of the treasure trove hiding in many charity shops until they’re prompted to go treasure hunting! Why not have a very merry ‘Thriftmas’ this year, and save yourself the pure stress of finding scarce toys (that may also be price inflated as a result)? We’re definitely thinking that this is a financially savvy idea, as well as way more fun as you never know what goodies you’ll come across!

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