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Why Stitch Fix is Perfect for Mums

by Anelia Vaneva

Mummies, do you often find yourself struggling to find your style or wanting a change? Or perhaps you were used to going on shopping sprees with your girlfriends but don’t have the time to do that since baby’s arrival? Babies are not the best at giving outfit feedback either…

I often find myself stuck on what to wear for a special occasion or even for work and I’m happy to spend a bit more but I’m afraid of spending on something that doesn’t really work for me.

This is why I was so excited when I came across Stitch Fix*.

Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service for men and women that evolves with your taste, needs and lifestyle. Whether you’re too busy or just not really that keen on shopping for new clothes, Stitch Fix is perfect for you.

Here is how Stitch Fix* works:

  1. You get 5 pieces of clothing based on your style, size and price range for a £10 styling fee.
  2. You can then try on the items at home and only pay for what you like. Redeem the £10 against anything you decide to keep. You also get 20% OFF if you keep all of the items your receive.
  3. Free delivery, returns & exchanges. A prepaid return label is included in your box.

All you have to do when you sign up is answer a short Style Quiz, which I thoroughly enjoyed!

This is what it looks like:

style quiz

Credit: Stitch Fix*

Then you answer a few questions about your needs, style, sizing and fabric preferences and you can even set up how much you’d ideally like to spend. There’s also the option to let your stylist know anything else about your style and preferences and the clothes you’d like to receive.

You can even let Stitch Fix know that you’re a parent, which I thought was great!

The next step is to book your ‘Fix’ and wait (impatiently in my case!) for your delivery. Once your stylist has selected the 5 pieces of clothing for you, you get to preview your fix, choose the items you want to receive and give more feedback. I loved that I got to see what my stylist had picked for me before my fix was shipped, it made me feel at ease and even more excited about receiving my box!

While you’re waiting for your fix to be ready, you can also keep rating different outfits. This would give your stylist an even better understanding of your style and what you’d like to receive in your box.

style choices

Credit: Stitch Fix*

The whole process of getting my fix ready was so exciting and I loved rating the outfits. I even got my hair and make up done for the postman arriving (I’m sure he didn’t even recognise me, haha), so I can start trying my clothes on straight away and get the ‘full’ look.

I had requested an outfit for the office and some tops (I keep running low on tops for some reason 🤷🏻‍♀️) and this is exactly what I got. I had let my stylist know that I like plain clothes, mostly in black/white/grey but would love to try some bold patterns too.

first fix

Image credits: DKNY & Hobbs

I got this beautiful DKNY ruched sleeve blazer and patterned V neck blouse, which I must admit, didn’t think I would like but I was so pleasantly surprised! It looks gorgeous over my skinny jeans.

tops from my fix

Image credits: InWear & ONLY

It was also nice to be introduced to new brands, ones I’ve never heard of before, where I could potentially shop in the future too.  Like these two gorgeous tops from InWear & ONLY.

And last but not least, these gorgeous black trousers, which are incredibly comfortable and the perfect fit!


Image credit: joythestore

You also get a little leaflet with ideas of how to style your items, which I found so very useful!

outfit ideas

Credit: Stitch Fix*

In the end, I kept 4 of the 5 items, simply because the tie shirt didn’t look very flattering on me and I prefer fitted tops. Checkout is as simple as it can be – you log in to your profile and select the items you want to pay for. Then the £10 styling fee is deducted from the total.

Stitch Fix managed to pretty much nail it from the first box, so I can imagine it will only getting better as I keep filling my daily quizzes and give my stylist feedback. I’ve set up a delivery every 3 months for now and I can’t wait to see what’s waiting for me in the next box!

So mama, are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and those comfy maternity leggings but into something that is still you?

Time to give Stitch Fix* a go!


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