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‘Grow-Proof’ Trousers For Fast Growers

by Katie Hodgkins

Does your little one seem to grow a few inches every time you blink? We think most of us would respond with a resounding “YES”!

Having a child who grows faster than the mightiest sunflower can be expensive, especially when it comes to school uniform – I can relate to this too. It’s tiresome and costly having to constantly replace school trousers when, in the matter of weeks, they’re hanging half-mast up your child’s shins!

M&S are the heroes that us parents need with their clever ‘grow-proof trousers’…

Parents of children prone to rapid growth spurts, you really need to check out what we’ve spotted!

The adjustable waist and grow-proof hems mean that you can really rely on these trousers to last you for so much longer than other brands. We love that they’re slim fitting with added stretch, so you can size up in anticipation of the next growth spurt without the trousers looking like they’re too big. The adjustable hems are a total game-changer too…

Check out the design features that M&S have created with growing kids in mind…

Image Credit: M&S*

The growth-proof hem means that the hems are designed to be easy to unpick, all you need to do after this is press them, giving you an additional three inches of length! This is great news, and will save parents everywhere a fortune in replacing trousers that still have some room in the waist.

We asked some mummies we know what they thought… Emma told us;

“My son grows SO fast, I’m actually sick of having to replace his trousers. These are genius! I’ve seen adjustable waists elsewhere but not hems like this. So savvy.”

Christine shared;

“My kids are giants, I swear, bigger every time I look at them, so I will definitely check these out. Thanks for sharing!”

Tell us in the comments, will you be investing in these AMAZING trousers? We definitely will be for our kids, it’ll save us a fortune in trouser replacements this academic year.


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