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Stacey Solomon Defends Little One

by Kloe Forster

Stacey Solomon has defended the way she dressed her youngest son Rex as he played in the snow yesterday.

Any of Stacey’s 4.1 million Instagram followers will be used to her sharing snippets of her gorgeous family on a daily basis. Fans love getting a glimpse of Stacey’s life as a Mum, TV personality, meticulous organizer and crafter.

But a follower was quick to message her on Instagram, furiously questioning why her son ‘wasn’t wearing any gloves’ whilst he was playing outside in the snow and that Rex’s hands ‘looked freezing’.

Stacey hit back posting on her instagram stories – “A message to the glove police”

“If I could get Rex to keep his gloves, hat and coat on I would. believe me. but he’s a toddler. Anyone out there with one knows that they star off wearing it all and as the walk goes on they rip their hat off a thousand times, drop their gloves in the snow and tread on them until they’re soaking wet and no longer any use and they moan the whole time to take their coat off. And then after that they cry when their hands get cold. Anyone out there keeping all items of winter wear on their toddles all day is my hero. I salute you.”

We’re sure toddler mums everywhere can relate to everything Stacey said! It’s certainly not easy trying to convince them to stay wrapped up.

Stacey has a huge Instagram fan base – she is notorious for posting ‘Tap to Tidy’ stories which show her transforming her house from messy to majestic in a matter of seconds. Her stories are so popular that she even has a ‘Tap to Tidy’ book* coming out soon, which is due for release by Penguin books on March 4th 2021.

Featured image credits: Stacey Solomon Instagram

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