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Rachel Riley Potty Trained at 3 MONTHS!

by Katie Hodgkins

Countdown star Rachel Riley has revealed that she potty trained her daughter Maven at just 3 MONTHS of age!

In an interview with The Sun, Rachel explained that 17-month-old Maven was potty trained mega early in an attempt to be eco-friendly and avoid disposable nappies, which we know will resonate with a lot of you! Read our guide on cloth nappies here.

“We started potty training Mave when she was really teeny tiny. We saved loads of money, and loads of plastic too. And we use cloth nappies — when you’ve got a baby, you’re doing more washing anyway.”

Rachel also went on to say that she plans to do the same with her second child, who she is expecting with her Strictly Pro dancer husband Pasha Kovalev, due in October 2021. She revealed her latest pregnancy in April, via a sweet Countdown-themed post on her Twitter!

What is ‘elimination communication’?

Potty training such a small baby is often referred to as ‘elimination communication’ – learning your baby’s cues and subtle body language that indicates they’re about to do a wee or poo. You then simply hold them over the toilet or potty in the ‘lotus’ position and allow them to go – much as adults do.  You can also teach them simple words and phrases that they learn to associate with toilet time! As unusual as the concept may sound, there are some pretty attractive advantages…

  1. You’ll save a fortune on nappies!
  2. You’ll be reducing your plastic use and carbon footprint, which is kind on our planet.
  3. It can help to reduce nappy rashes and discomfort.
  4. The positions used for EC can help baby to evacuate their bowels more fully, meaning more time in between toileting. Bonus!
  5. If you’re using cloth nappies, you’ll reduce the amount of washing you’re needing to do by introducing EC.

This guide on elimination communication by The Nappy Lady is a very interesting read!

What are your thoughts on potty training so early? Did YOU do the same? Tell us in the comments!

Cover image credit: @rachelrileyrr Instagram

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