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Praise for Rosie Ramsey’s Honest Message to Fan

by Kloe Forster

We are huge fans of the Ramsey family here at Bump Baby and You and Rosie’s recent message to a fellow new mum makes us love her just that little bit more!

Rosie shared a message that she received from a follower last week which said: “Please help me. I have a two week old. And really struggling with the nights and putting him back to sleep. You look like your coping really well what am I doing wrong I want to pull my hair out sometimes 😩😓” (SIC)

Rosie’s reply was like music to all new mums’ ears.


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A post shared by Rosie Ramsey (@rosemarinoramsey)

Her reply to the follower said: “Hi love I’m absolutely not! Truth be told Instagram makes everything look a lot easier than it actually is. Rafe is a little tinker and would be cuddled endlessly! (Just like his brother…)

The trick is (in my opinion) get all the cuddles in that you like in these early few weeks/months. They need them, and so do you!

It’s really tiring, so try to get some early nights if you can and plenty of help.

I think it’s better to accept that the first couple of months are exhausting, but I promise you it gets easier. They do end up sleeping for longer periods of time once they’re a bit bigger. Don’t be too hard on yourself – it’s not easy having a newborn.

Hope this helps.

Rosie xx”

She captioned her honest post: Guys…. I’m SHATTERED. Don’t be fooled! I’m a Mam to a 4 week old baby. He is loud as owt and literally ‘sleeps all day and party’s all night!’ (Lucky buggar.) I’m supposed to be shattered. 😴

It’s not easy. It’s emotionally and physically knackering. But it does get easier, and less tiring.
I hope this might help any new mams who might be struggling and thinking everyone on here is coping except them (they’ll not be! Trust me.🤣)

Accept ALL the help! (Easier said than done right now I know… 😔) Choose sleep and rest over hygiene and make up (seriously, it’s more important.) Drink plenty water and eat all the food.

Oh, most importantly!… Sniff your new baby’s head at least 700 times a day, because one day they’ll be too big to carry round and sniff. 🥺 ❤️

We love you Rosie – thanks for your honesty and encouragement.

Featured image credits: Rosie Ramsey Instagram


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