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Helen Flanagan Shares Anxieties Over 3rd Labour

by Kloe Forster

Actress and mum of two Helen Flanagan, 30, is expecting her third baby next month.

Helen recently took to instagram to share her thoughts on why she’s been a bit more quiet than usual on social media recently.

She said she’s been feeling ‘nervous’ and ‘anxious’ about her labour and that she’s going to try hypnotherapy.

Helen has two little girls Matilda 5, and Delilah, 2. She and her partner footballer Scott Sinclair have been together for over 10 years.

In her instagram post Helen said:

33+ weeks 🤰❤️
Been a bit more quiet on social, now I’m at the end of my pregnancy it’s just made me feel quite tired. I’m someone who has loads of energy but just prioritising what I can at the moment. Matildas homeschooling is taking over, trying to do the best by her but like so many mums I just can’t wait for the schools to reopen. I’m struggling with a bit of guilt with Delilah, feel like Matilda is taking a lot of my energy for home schooling and the last thing I want is for her to felt pushed out before the baby. So that makes me more emotional with the pregnancy hormones. I know Matilda will be fine but I don’t know how Delilah will react to not being the baby. I try and stay super calm every day but it wears off when Delilah keeps spilling Matildas “potions” of glue and glitter all around the house 😂. Starting to feel a little bit more nervous about my labour now even though I’ve been so lucky to have two really good labours. I always work myself up so much in my head. I do get quite anxious about things which I don’t like about myself but as I turned 30 I did become more self accepting. Going to try hypnotherapy never thought it was for me but seeing as this is my last baby due to hyperemesis gravidum I might as well give it a whirl 😅. Like everyone I just can’t wait for more normality to see my friends and just have fun. I can’t believe I get to say I’m having a baby next month 🥰x


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Helen, thanks for being so open and honest – we’re sure there are lots of mums to be out there who can relate to this right now. We wish you all the best with your third labour – praying little one makes a safe arrival.

Image credits: Helen Flanagan instagram 

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