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Chris and Rosie Ramsey Welcome Baby Number 2!

by Kloe Forster

A HUGE Bump Baby and You congratulations to Chris and Rosie Ramsey who have welcomed their new arrival into the world!

Rosie shared the couples happy news with a post on instagram captioned:

“Hi everyone 👋🏼
This is Rafe Ramsey 💙
Born yesterday afternoon weighing 9lbs 1oz.
He’s absolutely wonderful and looks EXACTLY like his brother! like, it’s uncanny! 🤣😱😍
He’s yet to meet Robin, so once we’re all settled back at home I’ll introduce him to you properly. ❤️ Hope you’re all ok xx”

The North East couple announced their baby news back in July 2020.

Rafe will be little brother to the couple’s first born son Robin who they welcomed five years ago in 2015.

Chris and Rosie bravely opened up about their experience with miscarriage previously too. They were given the sad news at Rosie’s 12 week scan in August 2018 that she had had a ‘blighted ovum’ which is a missed miscarriage.

Rosie spoke openly of her experience on a podcast saying: ‘The baby passed away at about seven or eight weeks but I still had the pregnancy sack inside so my body still thought I was pregnant but there was no baby there.

‘Honestly, I don’t want to sound dramatic but one of the worst things that’s ever happened in my life. You hear about women when you get to a certain age.’

A blighted ovum is a condition in which a fertilised egg implants in the uterine wall but the embryo fails to develop, usually due to chromosomal abnormalities.

Fans of Chris and Rosies podcast will be well aware of how much Rosie is looking forward to a little tipple once the baby arrives. We hope you enjoy your first glass of post-pregnancy wine Rosie!!

Lots of love Team Bump Baby and You xxx


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