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Cardi-B Slams Trolls Slating Her 2 Year Old Daughter For Using a Dummy

by Kloe Forster

Cardi-B faced criticism from online trolls recently after sharing a photograph on her Instagram stories of her little girl, Kulture Kiari, who had her dummy in her mouth.

Kulture is 2 , she was born in July 2018.

On a recent trip with her rapper mama she was pictured on a board a boat pouting proudly with her pastel coloured pacifier.

Commenters were quick to jump on the post and were downright rude, tweeting mean remarks such as:

“And kulture has a mouth full of spaced teeth that’ll probably be like that into adulthood because her mother doesn’t want to hear her cry for a pacifier…”

“Cardi B daughter is toooo damn big to have a pacifier.”

“I love Cardi but Kulture still has a pacifier!”

Cardi had clearly had enough of hearing the negative remarks and took to Twitter to defend her little one for having a dummy: “Some kids are not like YOUR KIDS! Some kids don’t leave they paci fast or bottle or potty trained faster then others .Some kids are cool ,calm some like to play and are super active that barely naps (mine) stop tellin moms what to do with their kids.All kids are different.”

We have to agree with Cardi here – we think it’s about time complete strangers stopped shaming mums online and that we can all appreciate the fact that each child is completely different!

Kulture should be able to give up the dummy in her own time, or when her mum Cardi feels it’s the right time to do so – not because strangers are telling her to do so.

What do you think? Do your children use a dummy/pacifier? When are you planning on taking it away? Do you think we should stop shaming mums?! Let us know in the comments.

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