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Your Toddler will LOVE this activity!

by Chloe French

Looking for some fun ideas to keep the little ones busy during lockdown that aren’t going to cost you the earth?!

Parenting in a pandemic has got to be one of the hardest things we’ve ever had to do.

We’ve got a fantastic activity for you to try at home this lockdown from Montessori Playing. It’s called ‘Save the Bears’.


🐻 1 Pot of doh (you can use any colour you like)

🐻 A Rolling Pin 

🐻 Small bears (you could use any small toys that your little one will enjoy playing with)

🐻 Gripping tongs


Less than 5 minutes


🐻 Roll out some play doh onto a flat surface (I let Stella help).

🐻 Push the small objects into the doh

🐻 Encourage your toddler to use the tongs in order to ‘rescue’ the small toys with the tongs.


🐻 This activity improves fine motor skills and develops the required hand muscles that your toddler will one day use to grip a pencil/ eventually write.

🐻 Coordination- moving the small toys from the doh to the pot requires precision.

🐻 Concentration–just look at Stella’s face!

🐻 Speech. Some phrases she said whilst participating– “don’t worry baby bear, I’ll rescue you!“.

What toy would your toddler like to rescue?

You could try this fun activity with any toys that your little one would enjoy playing with – maybe some toy cars would be fun to try rescuing from the mud? Or some dinosaurs?! I’m definitely going to try this with my little boy.

Whatever your little one is into – you can make this activity work for them which is why we love this activity!

You can see the original post on Paula’s instagram page Montessori Playing HERE.

Paula is based in Glasgow, Scotland. She is a Toddler mum to her little girl Stella (who is 24 months). Paula is a School Teacher and play enthusiast. Make sure to have a look at her Instagram Reels where you’ll find lots more exciting activities for your little one.

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