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Why We LOVE: Pura Baby Wipes

by Kloe Forster

We were recently asked to try out Pura Baby Wipes and we absolutely LOVED them!

Not only are these wipes amazing for you and your little one’s skin, but they’re AMAZING for the planet too.

First things first and the most impressive fact of all – Pura Baby Wipes are one of the few baby wipes brands in the UK that are 100% plastic-free, 100% biodegradable and 100% compostable.

Did you know that 90% of other baby wipes on the market right now in the UK actually contain plastic?! We didn’t and were horrified to discover this!

Plastic wipes can take more than 100 years to biodegrade – meaning they might actually be around for longer than your little one! Because of this, I’ve made the decision to only use Pura Baby Wipes from now on, so I can do my bit for the planet. It’s easy swaps like this which will make a big difference in the long run, hopefully.

Pura Baby Wipes are made from biodegradable plant fibres – I found them to be super soft and really moist compared to other wipes we’ve used before.

Pura Baby Wipes are great because:

• They’re not tested on animals
• They’re Vegan and Soil Association approved
• They’re in recyclable packaging
• They’re made right here in the UK

Another thing we loved about Pura Baby Wipes is that they are suitable for very sensitive skin. My little one has eczema and they were absolutely great for his skin. They’re made with 99% water and organic aloe vera.

Pura Baby Wipes are free from perfume, alcohol and chlorine so they’re actually really nice and gentle for taking your make up off too mummies! I have a packet on my dressing table handy at all times. They’re not scented or perfumed but I do think they have a lovely clean smell about them – whenever I use them I always love how fresh they smell.

If you’re due to give birth to a new arrival soon these wipes would also be great to have in your hospital bags as they’re gentle and safe for newborns and paediatrician and midwife approved. Pura Baby Wipes are also dermatologically approved by the British Skin Foundation and Allergy UK. I found the packets to be nice and lightweight unlike other baby wipes I’ve used in the past which were heavy and made my changing bag harder to carry around!

There are two types of baby wipes available from Pura – flushable* and non-flushable*.

One comment I did have on the flushable wipes is that they aren’t very stretchy – so do take care when pulling them out of the packet. Because of the plant based materials they’re made from and because they’re flushable they break down more easily so I found them to be more delicate.

I have just started potty training my little one – the Pura Flushable Baby Wipes have been a life saver as they have the Fine to Flush accreditation – there’s a badge on pack. They’re perfectly fine to flush as long as only ONE wipe is flushed at a time.

Pura baby wipes are really affordable, with prices working out at less than 3p per wipe on subscription, which is similar to, or cheaper than traditional plastic wipes, and there’s free next day delivery on all orders.

We have been reading ‘Lily and the Wipe Monster’ together too – it’s Pura’s fun but educational children’s picture book about what happens to wipes when they go into the sewers.

I also loved these plastic-free carrier bags which are made from potatoes! I’m going to keep them in my car for emergencies whenever I go grocery shopping so I don’t have to buy any more plastic bags again.

The plastic-free carrier bags are fantastic to have at home as many children are being asked to bring packed lunches to school in disposable bags in order to reduce the spread of Covid 19. Pura is including two of the plastic-free lunch bags with every free trial pack of its 100% plastic-free baby wipes and 10 free lunch bags with every subscription box of 10 packs of Pura flushable or non-flushable 100% plastic free wipes.

For those who just want to order the bags, Pura is also offering a box of five bags for just 99p.

The Pura story doesn’t stop here. We’re so excited for the launch of Pura eco nappies which are coming soon – watch this space!

Why not give the wipes a try for free yourself? All you need to do is pay for delivery!

You’ll get a free trial pack as well as some ‘potato’ bags in a box that fits straight through your letterbox.

Get your free trial pack of wipes HERE*



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